Basic & Pro sold out right now


Just an FYI: The factory isn’t able to make enough printers to match demand, and we’ve run out of Glowforge Basic and Glowforge Pro units for the time being. We’re happy that so many people are becoming Glowforge owners but we’re disappointed we can’t keep up! We’re working to get a higher-capacity production line running so we can get all models back in stock and keep them that way.

We don’t have a date yet for when we’ll have Basic and Pro back in stock. If you have friends looking to purchase (or if you’re considering a second printer), the Glowforge Plus is available right now, for delivery within ten days in the US.

When is this darn thing going to ship?
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October 2018 Update

I’m happy that the demand is so high. That’s a great sign. Tough for everyone who is waiting and folks having to work to catch up. Thanks for letting us know!


If we order a Plus do we get a discount?:grinning:


Wow! That’s the kind of news you want to have. Congrats! :grinning:


So my evil plan to buy 1000 and resell them on the black market is paying off!!! :smiling_imp:


Wow. Congrats!


So if I already ordered a Pro and have not received an email on the shipping info am I on back order?


You love torturing us thru late deliveries because you know how marvelous we feel when our GlowForge arrives!!!:wink::wink::wink::wink:


If you already placed an order, we should have inventory to deliver when we said we would.


I’m wondering why you aren’t taking back orders on the out of stock units? Or, at the very least, a “notify me when they are available” email system in place. It seems crazy to me that you’re willing to watch new customers walk away with no way for them to get in line or even know when to come back.


Wow. Yeah, you can’t select it on the order page and backorder it.

I can see the Internet speculation now: new production line and existing production lines will be spitting out Glowforge 2.0, and Plus versions only available until existing stock runs out. :smiling_imp:


You mean you didn’t get the GF v2.0 email yet? :slight_smile:


Where do you think the idea for the post came from? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve already got mine on order… January 2019. With a filter.


Oh for gosh sakes…don’t do that to me…I was speed skimming and thought we had another model coming out!!! :rofl:


Should have gotten the Pro. Mine is going to recycle the smoke to provide power to the tube so no filter or venting needed.


Still out of my budget!


We do let folks contact support to backorder. We want to be sure that absolutely no one is surprised by the delay, lest we have folks who think they’re getting immediate delivery and are then disappointed.


Not sure how any new customer would know to contact support to place a back order. I see the contact us button in the corner but, maybe consider adding “contact us to place a back order” to the order page itself. Just my 2cents.


So… I ordered the day before this “sold out” notice was posted (Sept-13), with a target “delivery date” of Sept-23 (although whether that was supposed to mean “delivered to us” or “order delivered to factory” isn’t exactly clear), and haven’t heard a peep since getting the receipt. I’ve contacted support to find out more - here’s hoping I didn’t fall into the backorder cracks!