Basic vs. Pro: Longer jobs?



Knowing that they have only been running basic models so far for demos, I feel better about the basic unit holding up to my needs. I will not be running it all day, 5 days a week. During the work week it might see a hour or two here and there. And on weekends, it could see some longer run times.


I wondered about that. During open house and other demos the Glowforges were operating almost 100% of the time. Now etching acrylic doesn’t require as much power as cutting wood but still they were used a lot. I didn’t hear about any of the systems stopping for cool down. Were these prototypes cooled differently than the production units? Were the labs cold or did they have external Air Conditioning?


@dan Have any info about if we can change from the basic to the pro at the same price after preorder period? Or change from pro to basic depending on which gets manufactured first? Still on the edge for getting the pro,
-Dan D


I would at very least like a chance for the Canadian dollar to go up 10% before I upgrade… ouch!

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