Basketball Coach's Gift


Personalized gift for my daughter’s basketball coach. The basketball with all the girl’s name was a hit with all the parents. I was anxious to take the picture and I forgot to remove some of the tape. I may have seen that tip on a previous post here.


Sweet effect with those names! :grinning:


The names in the geometry of the ball are killer. :sunglasses:


Agreed. I didn’t even notice them until you pointed them out.


That’s a pretty good job at centering your engraving on the piece of wood. I’m still unable to center an engraving on a pre-made object because of the camera angle on the lid.


Here’s something you can try.

  • Measure the object and create a facsimile of it in your design software.
  • Put the design you want to add inside that facsimile (make sure it is a different color than the outline)
  • In the GF, lay down tape (or tape a piece of paper) on the bed, DO NOT PUT THE PIECE IN THE GF YET
  • First run, select JUST the outline and score that (1 power and 500 speed)
  • Open your GF and place your piece on the outline, making sure it all lines up
  • Run your normal job and ignore the outline, your artwork should be centered!


A very thoughtful gift … And so well done!


What a sharp design! This could even be an alternative to trophies for all the players.