Bathroom Humor



Really did not know what to expect, but I saw the title and took the plunge.

Turns out I did not need the plunge after all.
Great fun, thanks for the grin.


How long did that job run??? That is a lot of wood to ‘burn off’!!!


Great sense of humor.


“Took my breath away.” Yeah, I think I’ve used that room before. LOL! Awesome work.


The typo has been fixed lol :stuck_out_tongue:

3 hours

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Nice lol, saw that pnw.made on Instagram made the same thing a few days ago

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You’re on a roll!

I’d love to make something like that on my own so I have a few questions on the design and execution if you don’t mind.

  1. Was that designed in-house? Or out-house?
  2. If you print it in one pass is there a danger of buffer overflow?
  3. Can the print job be broken up into multiple chunks to flush the buffers?
  4. If you print that in the southern hemisphere does the cut order go in reverse?
  5. Can the design files you used be deleted safely or do they require a military wipe utility?
  6. Did a 3-hour wood cut generate an objectionable odor or skid marks in the fan/duct?
  7. Were other family members clamoring to use the GF while you were working to get this completed?
  8. If I order one does it come with a free pair of Dockers? Because it seems to me anyone who could make and deliver that could easily ship my pants.

Hey, you labeled the post “Bathroom Humor”. What did you expect?


I have never seen that commercial, and now I can never unsee that commercial. Why are they hugging him at the end?