Bathroom signs

Sometimes you just need some new signs for the bathrooms. :slight_smile:

Thick cherry plywood proofgrade settings for a deep engrave. Plywood from home depot-- very delicate stuff that easily gets damaged, but a sign up high won’t be touched ever… and no budget for proofgrade

Left the mask/tape on the decoration parts for contrast. Haven’t sprayed it yet, but will use a clear coat spray to seal it a bit and get a better color from the wood.

All vector document created in inkscape. I even made 1/16" holes for nails to avoid splitting this crappy wood. The AME logo was online as a vector, but not optimized/ designed for laser cutting/ engraving so I had to modify it. Most vectors I find seem to be this way… look good and scale well, but ya gotta think like a laser and redo them.


Great work!

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Oh, those are just lovely! Nice swirl work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that is quite good.

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Wow, the engraving is so precise! Amazing what you can do, even with less-than-optimal materials.

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Vector files are great because you can set things to draft mode (fastest) and still get awesome results.

Great design.
You say you have optimized the downloaded file for engraving. I read that a lot on this forum.
But what are you doing to optimize the file? Can you explain?

Nicely done!


I love how deep and nice the engrave came out…even on a crappy piece of wood! :slight_smile: