Bathymetric Map of Lake Murray, South Carolina


I just painted the areas that would show up with some of my wife’s acrylic paint and it had surprisingly good coverage. That was all just one coat. I know nothing about paint, so this is probably just the Walmart brand or something, but it was “Delta Creative Ceramcoat” and the color was Ocean Reef Blue.

Also, they are all the same color, but in the future I might try to darken them for each layer. They look darker in the picture b/c of the lighting, but with direct light they kind of blend together.

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This is awesome! I live at Lake Murray! It would be awesome to have a meetup of Glowforge people in the area. I’d be more than happy to host it at my business here in Lexington…l



Wow! You should definitely do something with the negative - it looks so wonderful all on it’s own.



Another option is do you own a fish finder, or have a good friend who does? The newer fish finders can record their data and then people upload them to the respective company’s database. As I recall there is some data free to owners of a fish finder and a fee-based one with all the lakes. I haven’t tried to download any data for this purpose, but it is a possibility if noaa or the state doesn’t work out.

The WI DNR has made pdfs available for most lakes in the state, but they are scanned from a statewide survey done in the sixties (or was it fifties??) and are of poor quality.



Would love the SVG if you don’t mind

NEVERMIND…found it :slight_smile:



I remember struggling to upload the svg to the forum last year, so if the one you found doesnt open let me know and i can email it to you.



You can buy this and other lake maps here from this same artist I believe: