Bat'leth bag!



Ok, some of you totally want to see this.


Yesssssssss! :smile:


Iconic design!
When I read that, I thought you had a solution for carrying mine…

48" of way too many points and edges.

Show and Tell

You’ll hurt yourself on that thing! Chuckle! :confused:


You opted for the small one then?


I’m sure you’ve heard this…“Your gonna poke someones eye out with that !”…lmao


That’s a way cool use of an iconic sci-fi artifact. Very creative! The unique fabric liner is a wonderful detail, and rounds out the design!
I would be inclined to spell out a message in Klingon, and the triangular symbol embossed on the flap would be cool in metal too!

Those Starfleet bags are sweet also!


I was thinking of your build! The bag version would be soooo much more portable. We could cut them from acrylic, maybe?

My sweet, sweet husband disapproves of warrior bag and is much more into the Starfleet ones. :smiley:
But the bat’leth makes such a great handle for the flap! And, yes, that fabric inside is epic. AND the strap looks like Warf’s sash?? I’m still swooning.


I bet TSA loves you :wink: