Battery Pouch for Oculus Quest

I may have mentioned that I got a VR headset. The Quest is a bit front-heavy. To help with that and, to provide some extra power reserve, I made a battery pouch that mounts on the back strap out of some of the “Saddle Collection” faux leather and a bit of acrylic.

I am still trying to get better at documenting projects. So, I made a build video of this one, too.

Here are the pattern files, if you want to make one. I am sharing these under the standard terms for this section of the forum: personal use only. Contact me if you want to do something commercial with this. (5.0 KB)

This should be everything you need but, all of this is also on my Evermore Studio site.


Nice! Thanks! My brother sent us his old VR set because his cat kept knocking over the lightboxes?..honestly, I’ve had it for a year and never ued it, so I don’t know what any part is called. But he bought an occulus that doesn’t require towers, is this one it? I might have to make him a pouch for his birthday. Thanks again!


Oculus has made several VR headsets, two of which are still in production: the Quest (this one) and the Rift S. Possibly the most critical difference is that the Rift needs to be physically connected to a computer while the Quest can be used entirely wirelessly.

A nice and exclusive share - thanks!

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Then I think he has the Quest, because he’s more mobile and can’t have anything to distract the cat. :rofl:


Probably an HTC Vive. The towers are used to define the room boundaries.

The Oculus Quest defines the room boundaries using external facing sensors on the headset & software.

My son used the Vive to create a holodeck at Syracuse a few years ago. It got him started in VR and then AR that led to starting an AR assisted telepresence application company.

The tech is getting better every year - would be good for remote learning but too expensive still for schools.


That’s right…it’s a HTC…makes a great decoration for the front of my closet door, I have it hanging there…I thought he was going to send me his extra Switch controllers…for the Switch we also never use…I need to sell it all so I can get a PS5…that is something that I will deifintely use. My PS4 is probably the most used gadget in the house besides the computers and glowforge.


My son bought an earlier version. I had to mop out the headset after playing games on it. Good exercise to get out of the chair and step into the game! :sunglasses:


Wow, looks like an oem accessory! They need to ship with the Quest, looks like it’s a significant enhancement.


Aww, shucks. Thank you.

It’s great that you have a way to solve your problem. Love the Glowforge for saving the day so often.