The latest in my series of “Couples” tabletop signs. This couple sits on a bench at the beach watching the ocean ebb and flow. You can almost hear them talking about their fond memories of a lifetime of love.

This was a custom order for a couple who really does sit at the beach, but I loved the idea so much, I added it (with the customer’s permission) to my shop!

Five layer, 6" round sign with two different bases. Made from 1/8" birch, painted and stained.


I like it! Love the colours also!!!


Love those!


Very nice.


My wife and I have a photo like this at a lake from a while back - good memories. Great sign, I’ve gotta work on some of these multi layered designs, they make some great results.


That is a very nice layered sign! Great execution and colors!

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It’s lovely … and I love those drawers in the background of your photo!

Beautifully done. What type of stain did you use? Are you selling the file?

Thank you. This piece was actually painted with acrylic paint and make-up sponges. And yes, the file is available in my Etsy shop (see my profile).

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Thank you for letting me know. Did you also seal your piece? I just order a ton of your files. Thanks for the link


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You had me at BEACH.

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