Bead and blank sources

Jules made some awesome playing card tiles out of bamboo beads. I found a few suppliers for very similar beads in case anyone was interested. (I didn’t want to clutter up her post with links…)

LOTS of good blanks here. Wood beads about half-way down the page.

and here


yessss… shinies


Oh dadgummit! There goes my bonus! :smirk:


Seriously, sometimes the internet should come with a search warning. Time to step away when you find yourself at alibaba contemplating ordering 100 bamboo cutting boards. I mean seriously, I could easily go through 100 boards once the GF arrives, right?

As my husband would tell me, put down the mouse and step away! lol


Personally, I’m wary of ordering anything from Alibaba… but the rest of your logic seems sound! :wink:


haha. Today I was searching for a very, very specific type of latex surgical tubing (that everyone sells 18" long snippets of, nobody sells spools which I need) and so I searched on alibaba. BE VERY CAREFUL GOING TO MANY PAGES DEEP WHEN SEARCHING FOR “LATEX TUBES” WHILE IN THE OFFICE!!!


Oooo, nice find! Thanks for doing the legwork!

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Ordered some…it will be funny if there is now a run on mini-small bamboo rectangle domino tile beads.


Yeah, I’ve never been brave enough to try alibaba, but I have known a few people who buy from there without issue. I know it’s really not avoidable, but I try not to support Chinese imports if I can buy elsewhere. If I was ever going to test the alibaba waters, sustainable bamboo boards would certainly tempt me though. Perhaps some brave GF soul wants to organize a group buy of 1000s boards perhaps?? :smirk:

HAHAHA! Methinks a search for latex anything would be risky in the office, but adding the word “tubes” was certainly living dangerously. Sometimes my ignorance gets the best of me and I search some innocuous set of words and then freak out when I see the results. (Whatever you do, don’t search the terms "deer and “love” together and click that images button on Google, trust me, just don’t, really, just no lol…) :flushed: :see_no_evil::fearful:


Oh cool Rebecca, let me know how good they are. I want to order some too. Did you do the Etsy link or the other one?

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Oooh… now I want to play with alcohol inks, ahhh! haha. Lots of fun ideas here…

Hi @kittski, I purchased the tiles from Etsy.

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You piqued my curiosity LOL!! So I tried it, and 12 pages in, I got bored and gave up looking for what you may have been referring to. The worst I saw, was photos of ladies using exercise bands, and maybe your office is more conservative than mine, or I am just desensitized from living in a popular Spring Break and summer holiday destination, but I didnt see anything too risqué. :slight_smile:


Uh, trust me it was not just some women using exercise bands. Hardly conservative here, since there is a giant vagina and uterus up right now on the white board (doing a really cool deep-learning/machine-vision project with my OB-GYN colleagues) in the conference room, but while these women were using latex, and many comment on the cardiovascular benefits of certain activities, I don’t think the purpose was exercise per se… :scream:


yeah i’ve often been amazed at how quickly a benign search can elicit such results on aliexpress, too. like, that’s a nice sweater, there’s a cool tech item, oh look, twelve pages of dildos.


OK, was 12 pages in not far enough, or did I just bugger the search? LOL. Wait, nevermind, time to reel in the curiosity here… LOL.

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I buy them from HD or Amazon whenever they drop below $10/pkg of 3. They’re perfect for all sorts of gifts. And with the laser I can find out we’re going to someone’s house at 3 and be out the door with a (semi-)custom gift by 5 :slight_smile: Probably have 30 of them in the garage right now.