BEAMER in Action... Barconic Shot Glass Engrave

Hey Gang,

I wanted to finally post that I was actually getting some time on BEAMER today.

Made a Template for the Square BARCONIC shot glasses somebody noted a while back.

I am going to make the template larger. currently only holds 1.

I figure 6 at a shot would be good. :slight_smile:

I made a template today for engraving two of the Tall round ones somebody posted. but haven’t done any of those yet.

it is sooooooo AWESOME to get to glowforge.


I definitely know that feeling!


The time and effort spent making good jigs will serve you well.


yep for sure!

That’s one reason I am fortunate. When I pointed out to the Mrs. last night that the time I spent on making the two jigs is going to be great in the long run, she wasn’t cranky due to the time I spent on that project yesterday. Heck, I made the MAX HEADROOM JIG set up as well. It helped me refresh my Fusion 360 sk1lz and set us up to be able to Whip out a surprise gift in a very short time. So with company coming today who are getting the glasses,

Well I will post pics later today of the final product. and I woke up this AM with another idea. :slight_smile: good thing I have the next 2 weeks off. LOL


oh ya… LOL seeing what everybody is making around here kinda drives me nuts sometimes. But, I figure I’ll be able to be more glowforgey going forward. :slight_smile:

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This looks like a great design!

Always nice to get a project going. Way to go getting yours done in time!

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