Beamos is online


Got my Glowforge on Monday and I’ve been having fun with it since! In anticipation I ended up taking off work that day, but UPS didn’t even deliver until 10pm. When the UPS guy came he handed me the accessories box and told me to have a good night. I told him there should be another box, he dug around and ended up finding it. The guy almost forgot the ACTUAL glowforge! The box itself had some road rash, two missing handles, the usual reports. I hooked up up in 30 min and had enough time to print the gift of good measure. It came out wonderfully!

Being a HUGE fan of Zelda, I thought “Beamos” was the perfect name for it. With the name figured out, I originally wanted to do a zelda themed escutcheon but ended up with this design instead. It’s not my artwork, but it was begging to be used.

I went with the guardian design from Breath of the Wild because, well, the Guardian is just a more advanced sentient version of Beamos! :nerd_face:


Excellent! Congratulations! :grinning::+1:


Glad you’re having fun–congrats!




The ranks continue to grow. :sunglasses:


Close call! Hopefully you enjoyed your day off and had fun printing on Beamos. I look forward to seeing an escutcheon soon. :slight_smile: