Bear Pack Out

My husband and son went Elk hunting and both got bear tags as well this fall. They both ended up shooting a bear. My son’s was huge. The hide alone weighed over 100 pounds. They are both avid hunters and both terribly excited about this. They had to make several trips to get the meat and hide packed out and were exhausted when it was done because they were deep in the mountains. So, I created this Pack Out shirt for my son in AI. Ironically it looks just like him! You can find Pack Out graphics for elk but I’ve never seen one for a bear. Love the AI…(Btw, you have to quarter and take the meat with you for elk and bear hunting. My son and husband have both almost eaten all the bear-they love it…so, love the sport but love the meat as well :slight_smile: )


Awesome! We have cousins who are avid hunters, including bear. Our son was an avid deer/elk hunter.


First, I read it as “Beer Pack Out” the first couple of times.

Second, had no idea one would eat the bear, but honestly, that is cool. I just assumed things like that were purely for sport and stuffed. Grew up in a family of hunters and my husband has many friends who hunt things other than deer, and go on trips out west and overseas. Again, I thought strictly to stuff and mount. Learn something new every day.

(note: please don’t anyone turn this sideways… I realize some have different opinions on hunting, this isn’t the place)


I had never eaten bear, as this was the first one my family had killed. Almost everything our family hunts is eaten. We live in a rural area and what we don’t/can’t eat is given to a locker who processes the food (mostly deer) for families in the community. We went to Alaska this year and there was a young family there who are on a ‘road kill list’. They are notified if someone hits a moose and kills it. They have to get it, clean it, etc. but it provides meat for them for the entire year. Such a great idea.


Nevada has a road kill policy, but it only applies to Native Americans. They are the only ones who can collect it, and they don’t even need a license. I love venison, but it’s been 20+ years since we’ve hunted. I do miss it. But there’s no way I could do all the hiking and stuff now.