Because a fly was annoying me at work today


Round two tomorrow fly, and I’m coming prepared!


That… Sir…Is Hilarious…

Good Luck! May the SPLAT be with you.


The fly is no match for a frontal cortex and opposable thumbs. :sunglasses:



Yeah, I’m a :nerd:


Very cool!

Tonight a fly was in the house … oh no! Buzzing around like crazy. We went to bed, and my husband left the door open while I had stopped off to take care of something. I go in and said, oh no! You let the fly in! I pulled out the swatter to eliminate him post-haste. Whew! You know you won’t sleep if a fly is in the room.


I hope he survived - the husband, that is.


Why … he’s the sweetest person I know … would never swat him! :heart_eyes:


Is that leather you made that from?


Yes. I cut the handle on my table saw from a piece of oak and then drilled it, although I’m sure I could have cut the holes with the Glowforge. The swatter is made from 2mm veg tanned leather I picked up at the leather store and it’s dyed brown. The leather color looks better this morning as it has dried. Those were the only rivets I had in the workshop. If I ever make more of these I’ll grab some brass or copper rivets. Decision Support is the dept I’m in so I had to add our logo… :slight_smile:


I am so pleased with the ease of embellishing something at my whim. :sunglasses:


Hey! @dhanvinddvs! Where have you been? The forum has been missing your sense of humor!


This is excellent! Love the leather.


being a fly on the wall mostly :wink:


And shucks, I’m touched



YES! That is awesome!!! don’t think I would’ve ever thought to use a laser cutter to make a fly swatter, but now I will.


Adding your department’s name makes this fly swatter that much cooler. This deserves to be hung up on a wall (after having the fly guts cleaned off). My thoughts go out to the fly today!


So, thinking about this… why clean the fly guts when that’s all the trophy you’ll get?! BUT, what am i thinking here… put the swatter BACK into the forge and start making hash marks for each kill.

Teach those flys a lesson!

Oh, and what do you call a Fly with no wings?

A WALK! :joy::rofl: