Because I had to

same here been like that for a week now burrrr

My GF lives in my studio, which is a nice 20ish C. I really wish I had my air filter so I could still get stuff done during these cold snaps.

how many times did you pass through? Sometimes I notice with my glowforge making delicate designs it doesn’t cut through on certain bits. I’m using GF grade wood. Its quite frustrating sometimes because I waste the material. I’m going to reach out to support and see if they can help me. Any advice. Thats a beautiful mandala.

I only had to cut it once. :slight_smile:

If you check your items before moving the material (use a piece of tape to lift up the cut piece while holding the rest in place) you can rerun the cut if it doesn’t cut through, since it will cut in the exact same place. The question is why it’s happening, though. If you’re using PG settings on PG, and your optics are all clean, and your material is perfectly flat, and you’ve used Set Focus, your cuts should be successful.

Beautiful mandala!!! Would you mind sharing your settings? I was cutting mandalas today on baltic birch, and they either didn’t cut or got scorched.

We can’t discuss non-PG settings in this area, but you can check over in Beyond the Manual for lots of suggested settings for BB. That said, though, that’s just a starting point if you want to do super thin cuts like this.

I always dial in my settings for a new batch of BB using @evansd2’s method (see below). My goal for something this delicate is to find the settings that will cut through the wood and not totally through the masking on the back, which takes some fine-tuning. :slight_smile:

Check out #6 in this post:


Wow! That is so beautiful! It looks so delicate. Great job.

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But placed inside a tray, would be fine. Maybe even fill with resin and then add your piece.

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I like the smoke marks. I made some earrings that had them, and I like the look. I was going to paint them, then thought “nah.” Definitely makes each one an individual piece.