Because New Electronics Are Ugly


We have a great-sounding speaker in our house that we use with our Echo Dot. OK, I’m exaggerating when I say it’s ugly, but it just doesn’t go with our house.

There’s really no reason for me to tolerate this aesthetic mediocrity with a Glowforge around. So, I made a fake, retro radio cover for the whole setup. It’s mostly PG Medium Walnut. We got a cheap sparkly fabric remnant for the grill. The dial art is sandwiched between two pieces of PG clear acrylic. The knobs are painted soda bottle caps. I used gold Rub and Buff in the engraves.

I even put a neon light behind the dial to give it the look of an old, glowing tube.

I definitely like this better than the old setup.




I do too! Fantastic reproduction! :grinning:


Thank you, @Jules!


Very nice. I used to have one of those about 60 years ago😁


Love tech, but I like mod better!


This is amazing. Well done.


Light was a nice touch. Looks like the real deal lol.


Ohmygosh, that is so cute!!! I love the retro styled name and the lighted dial. Amazing job!


Just curious, did the case affect the sound much? Absolutely love the look of it!


That’s awesome. I am looking at the doing something similar! I working on designing an old school boom box from the 80’s and I am going to embed the Echo dot in the center. I can’t wait to share my design.


I was concerned about that so I used very sheer fabric on the grill. There is a slight difference in sound; a tiny reduction in volume. Strangely, it isn’t muddy or muffled. Sounds good!


Can’t wait to see it!




Thank you!




Absolutely Beautiful!


Very well done!


No you aren’t :wink: