Because organization is fun!

I just love making things to tidy my shop! Also, I have a bad habit of forgetting where I put things… I use a lot of Gorilla Glue and Tape!


Nice design!


Very nice! Keeps the glue in the nozzle too!


Nice! Ideas like that make a workshop more enjoyable to use.


Organization IS fun and you will never finish. Also, you really like gorilla products. :smile:


Very nice indeed.


Hi @jeremy.rhoden! Welcome to the funhouse.

Oh, I agree. My problem is the discipline to return things where they came from. Usually have blinders on in the middle of a project so the stuff gets dropped on a bench. Entropy takes over and the shop looks like a grenade went off in there.
I will break down and correct that when I eventually can’t find what I’m looking for.


Very nice design…you’ll find my glue in various places but always upside down:-)

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I never even thought of storing my glues upside down. I guess I thought it would glue the caps shut.

And welcome @jeremy.rhoden!

Who says organization can’t be handsome? Nice work!

A tornado came through both my craft rooms. The main room was already taken over with fabric, heat presses, sublimation stuff, etc., and now there is wood. The other craft room houses the glowforge and has become overrun with wood scraps. I have to admit, that I have multiples of some things because I buy a new one when I can’t find the current one. :woman_facepalming:


These types of projects are my favorite.
Well done.

Boy, I sure can identify with that!

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That’s why I have 7 hammers…:thinking: or is it 8

Fun. Lost on IG maby you’ll get an endorsement deal for your sweet holder.

If I can’t find a thing. then I am not likely to find it by looking, But digging my own rabbit hole I find things in places I would not have thought to look :anguished: And then find that the place I should put it is now a tornado drift of still more things :frowning: Things I use every day long ago got special shelves, and no place to put them but back on their shelf, but If I put something aside for when I found something that goes with it, then when I find that thing then I can’t find that thing I put aside :sob:

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