BeDroom Saving Money cuffs

Another questionable project from me (though I haven’t posted in a while). I wanted to make some no-sew, no-glue uhh novelty ‘bedroom bracelets’. I used 1.25mm (.05") felt and 3 x 1.25" D-rings… don’t remember where I got them from, but probably Amazon. You’ll need to provide something to connect one or multiple together as well. I happened to have the hardware for that part. This is a prototype for a leather version with a bit more pizazz, but I’ll leave that for a different post. For now, here are pictures and the file. Cuffs are 12"x1.25" (to match the width of the D-rings and assure a snug fit. I used a bobby pin to secure the strap once it has been pulled through.

In order to achieve the results pictured, you must make a loop and feed the felt (or whatever material) through the furthest slit, capturing the d-ring between the slit and the cuts in the felt at the end. Do the same again for the next ring, and do this again for the middle D-ring. This is a remarkably simple design, but I’m all about simplicity where (in)appropriate.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to post any improvements you make in this thread, I’d love to see them.

Here’s the svg file:


Here is one cuff on my SO and we did a strength test. We only had a ~6lb flail and a 50lb kettle bell. flail held easily and kettlebell pulled the strap out–so strength is somewhere in the middle. Notably, however, the strap didn’t tear or break from the kettle bell.

These pictures will help you understand how this goes on if you haven’t seen a belt use this type of double-d-ring clasp before.

Happy Lasering!

Edit: Disclaimer: I don’t recommend hanging from these, I’m not liable for use, these are for novelty purposes only, and please keep replies appropriate (as I hope I have done sufficiently in this initial post).


Happy lasering indeed!

I like your thorough testing, I appreciate attention to detail.


I gotta say, the testing methodology is pretty awesome.


Terrific work! Can’t wait to see the leather version. Is this a job for proof grade corinthian leather?


Definitely after I try a few changes to the design. Also I realize I should’ve put this in “free designs” instead, I’ll link this post in there with the first iteration of this design.


I LOVE the “novelty ‘bedroom bracelets’” description… I wonder if my wife would fall for that!!! :laughing: Thanks for sharing


Ummm…don’t look now but I think she was on the forum earlier wondering if the “hubby would fall for that”. Might not be anything to be concerned about, but probably good to sleep lightly for a bit


:rofl::joy:…is this in place of handcuffs?


my more-detailed design is coming along, so it should take less imagination next time.