Been a while. Yes I'm still active and using my forge

The past year I have been very busy using my #glowforge to make art. Have had several studio shows even. But that’s not why I’m here. What I want to show is what your laser cutter can do to help your local hospitals. We all know how much this pandemic has taxed our medical systems. But did you think you could help? You can. Find maker spaces who are 3d printing face shields and offer up your forge in the efforts to curtail this virus. Here’s what I have been doing now.

My coworker was leveraging our fabrication plant knowledge to make face shields for our local hospital. He is using the Prusa model. While he was able to use our plant’s 3D printers to make the frames. We don’t have a laser cutter for the shields. This is where I (and others like you) come in. After he dropped off a stack of polycarbonate sheets (. 5 mm thick, doable but not ideal) I got to work cutting then out. With their 3d printers working non stop and my glowforge slicing these sheets we will have hundreds of face shields ready in just a few days.



Good job. There are a few folks doing these on the forum.

I just got my PETG prepped and will start printing tomorrow. Awaiting the PETG sheet shipment that still is a week out for me. Keep them coming.