Been Busy Part 1

I’ve been on a designing kick lately, but it was tougher than usual to use my laser. I recently needed repairs on my machine, so in the meantime I let some ideas bounce around in my head. This actually wasn’t one of the ones I thought of in the weeks it took to get my machine back, but it was slightly inspired by my other recent project that I did think of while it was out.

Not only that, but a couple of days after getting my laser back, my in-laws came to stay with us to help with our newborn, and the laser resides in our guest room. I was able to get a thing or two done, but I wanted to spend time with them versus as a hermit in the room (close second, though!).

Anyway, I’ve made earrings, puzzles, and rearview mirror hangers for cars, and decided I’d share in a few separate posts. The first are these Clear Acrylic/Cherry proofgrade mirror hangers.

The kerf was pretty simple to work out, and I only had to run two tests before it came out perfect. The fit was pretty good, but I still threw in a little bit of super glue in the seams to make sure they really won’t go anywhere.


The extra score line in the acrylic sets this off. I like it!


Very nice! Where’s the banana?


I agree! My experience over the last year with this machine has taught me it’s the small details that make a project shine!

Well I have some, but they’re Apple Bananas, which are a bit smaller than regular sized bananas…These are about 4 inches by 2 inches if that gives you a better idea :wink:

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The pineapples are nice, but I want to see photos of the newborn!!!

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If you must

He loves sucking on his fingers!


Of COURSE I must. It’s mandatory for Grandmas. Also, he’s adorable! <3

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Oh, he is a cutie! :grinning:

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Your son is very handsome!

Love the pineapples … Also, agree the outer engrave on the acrylic really sets it off.

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