Been waiting all day for my Gregforge to arrive


And it just did! Ordered Basic 10-23-2015. Later upgraded to Pro.

Quigley thinks there’s just one awesome dog toy in there.


Congrats and you mustn’t disappoint Quigley - better make one for him with it. :grinning:


Thank you! And I won’t disappoint him. Making things is right up my alley.


May I ask how long from golden ticket to shipping conformation. I’m playing the waiting game for my conformation.



Golden ticket was 12/12/2017. Shipping confirmation was 1/1/2018.


Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. Sounds like I have more of a wait then I hoped.


Quigley is a cutie!


Cool. That’s pretty quick. I’m also awaiting the flight of the GF stork. :grin:


Thanks! He’s an arrogant little stinker but he makes up for it on the cuteness scale.


What did you do this beautiful carving on?


The carving was done on a homemade CNC machine that I built 10 years ago. First created the design in software from a picture (the hard part), then put a 1/4" ballnose bit in the CNC machine and let it run. It’s the lid for a tack trunk I’m building (horses being at the center of my universe).