Bees Knees

Shadowbox frame.
Seed paper, because… bees (handmade paper with seeds embedded, the paper can be planted)
Watercolor flowers
Watercolor silk
Honeycomb cut from Maple proofgrade.
Large bee cut/engraved from Inventables Paduk
Small bee cut/engraved from seed paper.
Gold acrylic paint for the “honey”
Gold mica powder for pollen on the bees Knees. (Also dusted on the paper)
Leather, engraved with the quote from Tolstoy.

I made this for a friend who is Master Beekeeper and lawyer. She does a lot of work for/with immigrants and is an immigrant herself. She approaches bees and people with love.


I forgot to get a good picture before I gave it away. Not the best photo, but I’m super proud of it.


It’s beautiful. I’m sure she will bee thrilled!


What a beautiful arrangement! (I thought the bee was real.):smile:

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Both the creation and the sentiment are beautiful. No doubt your friend will love it!

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Wow…its wonderful!!

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That’s the “Cats Pajamas”!

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Very nice work, and a great gift for your friend! :sunglasses:

It’s the Bees’ Knees :slight_smile:

I am excited to see more of this - Glowforge doesn’t have to be the end-all of projects. Super cool - keep pushing it!

Stunning! What a charming, touching gift.