Beginner messing with 3D Engraving

I’m glad you went back and checked! Thanks for correcting my correction!


Whoa girl… easy now… :wink: I know, Hyde felt it too! :grimacing:

The main problem with communication is the illusion it has occurred.


Almost gave up looking for it, I’m wrong often enough - a continuous source of joy for my Wife…:unamused:


From one beginner to another i just wanted to say thank you @Jules for the excellent write up and the equally excellent test engraves.
It is fantastic to see the possibilities us Newbies can explore with the rapidly evolving GF.
On the other hand it has been great to see what the experience of @takitus can bring to the table even with his gammy tube.

Keep up the good work and post your experiments, even failures give the rest of us huge insight.



Physically, yes, although the software’s changing fast and I don’t know how or if they could achieve the proper settings right now.

Nothing to announce yet.


I suspect I made a mistake in asking to release 3D engraving capabilities before the design team felt the feature was ready. It’s caused quite a bit of concern.


I thought to myself… “Was that disabled?”

No, it’s not. :slight_smile: Nudge does change with zoom level.


I think that was a little stroke of genius.
Please be sure to pass that on to the responsible party(s) :+1:


If it wasn’t @Tony, he’ll know who to thank for you. :slight_smile:


You didn’t. Everybody was asking. You answered. Sure it caused some concern, but likely not as much as not doing it. I think you can always rest assured that, good or bad, the more info the better.


No way man! This was the single greatest announcement outside of the glowforge itself! 3d engraving is amazing. Cant wait to see what youve got in store for it!


If you have a project in mind and would like artwork/depth map generated for 3D Engraving, we could collaborate. I don’t want to come off as “pushy”, just extending an offer because I’m curious and have lots of time. :slight_smile:


Well, I might just take you up on that later! (And by later, it will be several weeks.)

It’s one of the things I want to learn to do for my own education.

Right now though, I’m also trying to coordinate the creation of some tutorials by a bunch of wonderful volunteers for everyone’s education…so that needs to get done before I get to settle down to play.

Please can I haz a rain check? :relaxed:

Or even better…how would you feel about creating a little tutorial for everyone? I’d be more than happy to add you to the team, or you can create it out here and I’ll link to it. You might have missed the call for volunteers to write up tutorials back about 5 weeks ago, but we would love to have someone’s input who knows depth map creation. (Like REALLY love it.)


Yes, please @mpipes. If I can do tutorials, ANYONE can!


Theres actually some good info existing here already:

and here:


And…apology accepted. I think that caught me at a bad time and I read it as patronizing. (I don’t do patronizing well at all.)

My bad as much as yours for reading it wrong…lets call it a draw, and I apologize as well.


I can handle a tutorial for depth maps! I saw the call for volunteers, at the time I had too much else going on and couldn’t “brain” anymore. Now, I’m more available. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ll add your name to the group posts, so you should see a Private Message appear. (Actually a couple.)

It’s gotten much less structured by now, (we’ve got all the basic stuff wrapped up), so you can safely ignore all the earlier instructions, and I’ll chat with you about what to do to set it up later today or early tonight.
(I was up kind of late last night, I’m going to try to actually snag a nap this afternoon.)


Question: has anyone ever sealed their wood 3D engrave with the masking paper still attached? I just finished one for my husband’s work and the “singe” marks look fantastic and he doesn’t want to loose them. Has anyone tried this? Does the paper come off? How durable would this be?

No, but I have removed the masking before engraving to keep them. (I guess you could seal it too.)