Beginning of the End

We have all had all this time to - wait. We did a good job of propagating the patience to persevere, but all that expendable time will be filled with our lasers. My unread count is at 400 and climbing.
It just occurred to me that the nature of our participation here is going to evolve. Rapidly.
I lament that in a way, because this has grown to be such a part of daily routine. Not to worry, the pain of that change will be eclipsed by the joy of a laser at your disposal. :sunglasses:


I’ve noticed a change in the forum already, as more people get their lasers more of the forum topics are questions on how to accomplish things rather than the speculation we have been participating in for the last two years. It is a change but a good one for sure and I for one am grateful to see all the practical tips and tricks being passed around. It will be interesting to see what happens to the forum when everyone has their lasers.

Like always, to everyone here on the forum you all are the greatest!


That’s a great change in my book! :slight_smile:

I think this forum might be a leading contender as far as Glowforge “features” go over other products on the market. The learning curve is a part of any hardware/software tool. Yeah, you can watch a lot of YouTube videos and learn things - but no one is there to help beyond that video. This forum is filled with people willing to go above and beyond and willing to help in ways that any customer service department just can’t do without completely unreasonable, over-the-top funding.

The delays have really sucked - I think everyone on both sides of the product can agree to that. But, I don’t think this community would be anything like what it is today if those delays hadn’t occurred.


That’s spot on. It’s the reason I didn’t cancel and buy a large format chinese or used laser instead. This forum is unique. Similar to the ShopBot one but more “community-ish”. I think because we all started out knowing nothing about how the GF worked so we’ve grown together as a group.


Well said. This place beats any text based tech support, and it really doesn’t matter what science or discipline is involved, this community is well represented across them from spacecraft to medicine. Coding to bee keeping. Engineer to Artist - all with a focus on making? No contest.


Very well said. :blush:


You should see what happened in the Muse and FSLaser Facebook groups. Muse got an update late Friday (which seems to have bricked at least 3 owners Muses), everyone has left FSLaser until Wednesday and yet this forum has been helping out owners through the weekend with questions and answers.


We’ve become family here. :grinning:


Apparently somebody missed the memo about doing updates on a Friday, especially before a extra long weekend.


ah, yes - I wrote myself this little haiku reminder to that effect:

never check in code
on a Friday afternoon
or when you’re tired

always good to keep that in mind :slight_smile:


We stagger vacations to make sure we’ve always got someone around to help. Of course sometimes all they can do is tell you that the person who knows is out. :wink:


Hey, it beats “See you next week.”