Belated May 4th entry, no lasers involved

So I’m super late joining in the May the fourth Star Wars fun, it’s like I’ve been living on a rocky island on a water planet far far away, I know.

I just wanted to share this Star Wars version of the Werewolves/Mafia game that I custom designed for my hubby’s 40th birthday (Star Wars themed of COURSE). I got the cards printed at (referral link, you get 20% off!) so they had individual faces and all the same back (The card at the bottom is the back design), plus rounded corners and a glossy finish to make them look pro, and I just love how they turned out.


They look great! Bet he loved that! :grinning:

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Wonderful! Such cool design, I like that you incorporated shadows into the design.

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Thanks! Everyone loved the cards, and the one thing I was really worried about was how playable it would be, since I changed a few werewolves characters to suit the star wars universe, but in the end it really turned out to be a fun game!