Belt hanger

So, I’ve made a fair number of custom belts for myself over the past few months playing with some designs. My closet was getting a bit disorganized with all of those hanging around so I wanted to make something I could organize them with. I’d already made a box to hold the buckles so now I wanted an easy way to store the belt straps. I made a simple hanger shape at the top of a box and inserted a matrix of slots that would hold belt straps up to 2" wide.

I used 1/4" frosted acrylic. I’m interested to see how it holds up to being used as a hanger for something like this. I didn’t put any sharp corners so hoping to avoid stress cracks, but only time will tell :slight_smile: here it is holding some of the belt straps.


Nice job :slight_smile:
I like the frosted look of the acrylic. Let us know how it all holds up to use and wear! Looks great


Excellent! I’ll be interested in seeing if it develops stress cracks as well! (Hoping not!) :smiley:


That’s a good idea and easy to do :slight_smile: thanks for sharing


Great idea and execution :grin:


very nice. Love the practicality of it. I have trouble thinking 1/4" wouldn’t hold up no problem. I would almost think you could go thinner if you wanted, especially with the woven polyester belts, you aren’t talking about any significant weight really. I suppose if you were in Texas hanging big leather belts with rodeo buckles you might have a problem :smile:


I LOVE stuff like this, cool and useful!!! nice job!

That would REALLY come in handy! I think acrylic may become my new favorite material to work with. Now to find a way to get it in mass quantities for the best price…

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Thank you! He’s my little buddy… a black yorkie/poodle named VADER.

I haven’t had time to really look around, so now that I’m here a little more often, I figured I would participate a bit and maybe get some questions answered before my GF arrives in March. What a great bunch of witty, intelligent and wacky individuals… my kind of people! I am really looking forward to what the GF has to offer since I have never used a laser before, but I’m a hell of a designer (or so I hope to think I am).


Have to ask @Jules about that.

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Contrary to rumors - not all of us wear them! ROFL! :wink::sweat_smile:

(okay…granted…I know a bunch of guys who do…) Chuckle!

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Oh I’m in Texas too :slight_smile:, San Antonio area. That’s how I know about leather belts and big buckles.

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Yeah, I think you’re going to fit in here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: