Belt replacement

Hello everyone that read this!:grin: My middle timing belt just went out on my pro and was wondering if this woud work as a replacement?

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Unlikely as it doesn’t list Glowforge anywhere in the description (nor any laser, only 3D printers AFAIK). Amazon is feeding that to you based on related search terms. Also, based on the picture, it’s not cut to length, so unless you have the ability to connect the ends…

YMMV but I doubt it.

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The original belt is not one piece?
Its clamped together, no?

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I was going to point that out but I would mic the old one and check all the stats. I have found Amazon particularly annoying for not providing them. Sometimes you can do a search on the company’s stock number to get them. Where there are teeth on the belt those need to be mic’ed also for height, width, and spacing.

If everything is correct that you can check, then it is worth the expense while you wait for the official belt to arrive. :upside_down_face:


thanks, im gonna buy and see if it fits, compare it to the old belt, I will come back and post the results.
if it works, great! if not its only an $11 loss.
I did buy belt from on etsy that buyers said worked great, but that will not arrive for a good 2 weeks.


Ordered mine today and it will be here tomorrow from amazon - 2mmx6mm PowerGrip GT2 Belting Product Number 93960009

As long as it’s the correct width and tooth-count it should be fine.

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same one I posted?
I did post the same question on a glowforge facebook group im in and a response from a well known user said he used it and it worked fine.

Please let me know how it works out :call_me_hand:t3:

The old belt on left the new one on the right Looks the same got it for spare never know when you will need it


nice! thanks!!!

Update: The roll came in and it fits! good to have for backup. Also the belt is pretty common, it is used on a lot of 3d printers as well, my 3d printer uses the same belt and my Ortur diode laser uses the same belt.


this? right???

I got 16 ft 10.99 this is a better deal. Do you have a air assist fan that you can measure the pins from center to center pin 1 to pin 2

I was posting this more for general knowledge then myself, I am putting together a list of all user replaceable parts and where to get them.


Does that include the air assist fan with the right connector

I think its just the belt, nothing else.

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