Benefits of visiting the in-laws in rural Ohio

Visiting places like Keim’s Lumber in Mennonite/Amish country.

Not much 1/8”, but the mill drops 1/8” “domestic hobby wood” cut offs in a bin with random availability. I grabbed a couple of walnut pieces and some random plain oak and maple pieces. 4-6” wide by 24”, for between $1.50 and $1.70 each. I would kill for this place to be w/in an hour of my house.

Lots more variety in 1/4”. The sell packs off 24” long with 2-3 pieces equaling 12” wide. So 2 sq ft packs. I grabbed a pack of padauk, a pack of yellow heart, and a pack of curly maple. each between $19 and $21 for the pack. Really thought about a couple of match piece sets, but promised my wife I’d stay under $100.


5.5 hour drive. You are killing me!

Someone needs to arrange a storefront on Etsy or something, maybe one of the inlaws might be interested?

I was rearranging some materials upstairs, decided to photograph some of my bounty from that trip.

First, from the resawn boards from Hicksville planing mill.

A couple of the 12x18 sheets (of 11) of wenge.

3 of the 6 sheets of Bolivian rosewood, 7x19.

And the Keim lumber haul.

First, 3 packs of 1/4” wood. All 24” long, each set of boards adding up to 12” wide (so two board feet each).



Birdseye maple


Yellowheart/pau Amarello.

And then the random stuff. All 1/8 and just marked “hobby wood” and priced between $1 and $1.60 each. I wish this place was close so I could just randomly stop by and check out their hobby board bin regularly.


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