Bent pin on the laser head

I received my glowforge pro today (:clap:) and was going through the set up process, actually reading and following the manual, which I never do. I started to plug in the print head and noticed it didn’t want to go on. I didn’t push at all, but stopped as soon as there was resistance. I got a flashlight to see what was wrong and noticed the end pin on the head was badly bent. I’ve attached a picture. Wanted to check with you guys before I tried to straiten it out myself.


Pshh I would have already tried to straighten that and say it arrived broken as a worst case. Too much patience to wait for approval to quick fix. :stuck_out_tongue:

**** this is not an endorsement or legal advice, break your GF at your own risk *****


Yep, exactly what I would’ve done. I’m not saying this is the best way to handle the situation, though. (insert disclaimer here)


Well, your issue is documented at this point. Not suggesting a course of action, but that would barely slow me down. Me? If the pin attachment is resilient enough to withstand the initial abuse (it’s still firm in its base), flatten it between the jaws of tweezers, not by grabbing the tip and bending it. Carefully straighten it and get to laserin’.
Another user had the same problem and was advised by support to carefully bent it back.There is an individual at Flex that needs to slow down just a notch.


Agreed. Somebody’s trying too hard to meet their quota.


That’s disheartening. I think others that have had a bent pin have contacted GF Support, several of them I remembering seeing that they were sent a replacement, although I believe one told them that he was about to bend it back but then contacted them, and I believe they told him to go ahead, which may be the best scenario as if it does break they will have to send you a new one anyway. It may be just me but getting that support line of communication might be good idea, unfortunately though it may mean you have to wait again, but getting a working GF is the main thing. Good luck.


Hrmm. These bent pins must be caused by a test jig of some sort. All the pictures so far are all on the same side and the same amount of pins.


Maybe same guy, you would know better than I.

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Could be. Unfortunately, there was not an ‘Inspected By:’ tag on any of the units I’ve used/received.


Yes. This.

Trying to bend it by just moving the tip can end up causing a second bend in a different spot. And a Z-shaped bend isn’t good. It’s always best to try to get the whole pin rather than just grabbing the end.


Heheh yeah, “Put one of these little slips of paper in the pocket of every piece you do. That way we know who to fire.” :hushed:

that’s why I stopped and contacted them, but to be honest, I only waited about 2 minutes then straightened the pin myself.
figured it couldn’t hurt it any more.


That’s what I did, working fine now, but at least the issue was reported again.

Checked the scale, too, dead on :grinning:


So cool that you finally got your Glowforge. Glad you were able to overcome the bent connector. Strange that it is still happening.

No waves or wobble in the ticks. Nice straight engraved lines. Looking forward to what else you do.


Glad you were able to take care of the bent pin … And are up and running! Have fun!


Yup same problem , I think same pin.

As I was reading your write up, I thought it was mine for a sec.

Glad your fixed. Also dear @glowforge , tell the factory to relax, or if it’s us, you need a better connector.



I hope more do not arrive like that wince

You paid a lot of money and waited a long time for that wonderful piece of technology, best to wait and see what the staffers say. I am sorry that it happened, but I would have to agree that bending it can still cause unseen additional damage. I hope it gets sorted out , the cool thing is, you can trust that GF will replace it ASAP, if required. In the meantime, you can ogle that one and check it out, make sure the space you wanted to put it on fit, etc ,then put it away if you need to for them to send UPS to pick it up after you get your replacement :slight_smile:

And THAT is one of the coolest things about GF, they are going to take care of us.


Another ‘customer success’ story. I think it was wise to report the problem…and wiser still to just fix it yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: