Besides Glowforge, anyone else sells Acrylic already premasked in custom sizes?

As the title says, Im looking to buy Acrylic sheet already premasked in custom sizes??
Looking to get 16"-17" x 20" sheets - 1/8" & 1/4" thick. Sheets of this size will help me tremendously with the projects I work on, easier for me to store over the bigger sheets GF sells.

I am using a GF pro and with the passthrough feature, its working amazingly, no issues, the auto alignment is working great on its own.


As far as my experiences go most all acrylic comes pre-masked. Typically cast acrylic has a paper based mask and extruded has a plastic film. Depending on where you live, there is probably a local plastics supplier in your area and they will cut to size for you.


@ovm.steve is right on. I live near a Professional Plastics location, they’ll cut to any size I want.

The downside is that custom cut is generally more expensive, but I was able to pick up in person so it saved me some cash that way.


Thanks for the info guys.

Did not know that cast acrylic came premasked with paper which I would like since besides cutting I also engrave on most of my projects. Always bought my materials directly from GF shop since its made it easy and prices seem very fair. But I find that I need them to a little larger. I don’t want to order their larger pieces since they are a bit too long for my needs will end up with a lot of waste material and would be awkward to store them in my current setup.

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Acrylic is actually very easy to cut. Score it a few times with a razor (you can also buy tools expressly for this purpose at places like Home Depot) and you can snap it along the line. You’ll save a TON cutting it yourself over getting custom cuts and even more if you buy it locally and don’t have to pay for shipping.

Just an FYI… acrylic is always masked if it’s from a reputable seller (otherwise it scratches), but not all cast acrylic has paper masking (and not all extruded has plastic). Definitely confirm with a sales person (don’t ask me how I know…).


@ChristyM Thanks, Im doing searches for local shops that I may be able to pick up larger sheets and just cut them myself. Seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere.

on a side note, feels like here in NYC and surrounding counties there’s like a premium/luxury surcharge on most things. I have gotten stuff either manufactured/sourced/shipped from other states and the price difference/cost savings has been too great to get it locally.

Exaggerated costs of operating a business in those areas.

It’s why the Big Mac Index exists…

Ah, yes. Lived just across the river for a few years in Hoboken. Premium is an understatement!

The good news is that you have Canal Plastics in your backyard. They have some gorgeous acrylic beyond the standard colors most of my local places carry. Acrylic is definitely scarce right now, but if you call them, they might have partial sheets/damaged sheets, etc., which are hard to list on the site, but which you could use.


And with hand cutting, get some ear plugs or muffs! Snapping acrylic is painfully loud! :sweat_smile:

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