Best Adhesive? - Metal to acrylic

Trying to adhere a small piece of metal to a piece of larger acrylic.
I’ve tried E6000 and Flex Glue so far. No dice. (And yes I followed directions to a T)
I’m now waiting for J-B Weld SuperWeld to cure to see if that will work.

Any ideas if it doesn’t?
It needs to be strong enough for someone to clip/release, the pair of items to/from a nightlight base possibly multiple times.

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And this is it working until I took it off :grin: :unamused:


What about capturing the extension on each side of the clip under another small piece of acrylic and using Weldon acrylic solvent to glue that assembly to the butterfly?


I was thinking rivet. The fact that the metal is bending every time is going to be the problem. The original Gorilla Glue if you can keep the amount small enough, can bend with the metal.

I have been wondering what I can use for routine wood to acrylic as wood glue will not touch the acrylic and CA glue makes a mess of acrylic. :anguished:

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Every plastic to metal joint I can remember uses a mechanical connection, most often a plastic “pin” that then goes thru a hole in the metal, that gets melted to form a “rivet”…

The only “outside the box” solution I can think of is to try VHB, but using the entire surface area available on that metal part.

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