Best Cleaning EVER

I like to think that I clean my Glowforge Pro pretty regularly. However, I also cut a lot of draft board, baltic birch, paper, and wood, so there’s lots of soot. The inside of my forge perpetually looks like a smoker’s lungs. I was using alcohol wipes, and then just straight up 97% Isopropyl acholhol on paper rags to clean the insides. It was barely adequate. It would clean, but there was always a gritty film left over and my glass window was always streaked with brown. I was going through my computer desk drawer and found that I still had a can of this:

This stuff is awesome for cleaning out that smoke crud. After one go-over my glass and casing are almost like new. Just spray it on a rag and rub. Worked wonders for my glass tube as well. I just went and picked up a couple of cans from Office Depot because I’m going to be using this a lot. It’s so nice being able to see into my forge without that brown film.


That sounds amazing; I am going to have to try that out!

Out of stock everywhere I’ve looked online [sigh]. :sunglasses:

Looks like the active ingredient is butyl cellosolve. I’d look for that.

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Booo. It sucks that 3M doesn’t sell directly to the public. Hope you can get some soon. I found the wipes that are part of the same series on amazon:



Definitely going to try it. Thanks for the link. I still haven’t found the non-flammable degreaser to use for the fans. I am going to admit that clicking on the 3M link you listed gave me a bit of a panic attack…I think I’m a little sleep deprived and the straight lines to the left on the screen made me think I cracked my moniter. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: