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Going to buy a duct fan and have read the best to get is a 6 inch. Any recommendations on reducers ? My filter is filled and I absolutely refuse to buy another. I don’t cut much and have used Baltic birch the most. I’ve used it since February. Not thrilled with the life span. My boyfriend bought it for me and he said get another filter as we are remodeling the room it’s going into. And I said not on my dime !!!

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Using the search function for inline fan will lead you to many, many discussions on this matter.

Yes I’ve been down that rabbit hole. Buying the duct fan through Amazon and hose just not sure about the reducers

I purchased 6"x4" duct reducers at Lowes and purchase a AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller from Amazon
I used 3M foil tape and attached them to the fan, works well. This is not the final installation, I wanted to know how well this works, before I mount the fan on the wall, for the duct, I used an all metal flexible dryer vent also from Lowes (sealed the inside of the elbows with calk before I installed it. No leaks and makes the forge a lot quieter. I

Not saying this is the best way but it works.

Good luck.

If you put the fan as close to the exit as possible (vs next to the GF) you’d have less issues with any air leaks in the hose and connections - the fan will be pulling air in any leaks where if it’s near the GF it’s pushing air out the leaks.






Thanks, that is my plan, I drilled a hole through the wall close to the ceiling and have a damper on the outside under a covered porch, “the only place I could go through the wall in this house without having to chip out brick.” I plan to mount the fan as close to the exit as I can get it.

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Just switching the hose - fan order on my 4” fan setup completely eliminated the last bits of smoke smell in my exhaust run.

yes I agree with this totally. I don’t think everybody realizes that AFTER the fan that section of ducting etc. is now effectively pressurized and can force even a tiny amount of stink out. LOL

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I just got this and really like it fits nicely without clamp. I recommend it and no, I don’t have any connection to it.

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