Best Format for Designer Logo?

So I’ve been happily making things and have been throwing an “Avery Art Designs” logo on the back or underside of what I create. Problem is those 3 words with any sort of design around it takes another 8 minutes on engrave settings. I’ve tried all the types of engraving and nothing seems faster. Has anyone come up with something that is super quick? It would be great to flip the one piece over and get the logo out in another 1-2 minutes. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.Avery_Design_Logo

It may or may not look right for your logo but using score instead of engrave is much faster.


Depending the design, score is an option–but you can’t select that if the artwork is bitmaps.

But also do verify you can use your logo, and not violating Avery Products copyrights/trademarks. Alas they are a very large company and may have covered a lot when they filed their copyright & trademark protection… Would be awful if you can’t use yours because you have the same name!


Have to see the art to help. You might be engraving the letters as separate objects which would be far slower.

Also what settings are you using? Speed and especially lpi are killers here.

I honestly never thought of that!

I added the svg that I’m using. I converted text to outlines. I’ve tried simpler circle designs but they all seem to take about the same time.

And your settings? What size are you ultimately engraving?

Your design is simply too complex for a score using default settings. Adjacent paths are too close together in many areas.

You need to reduce it down to single line paths instead of enclosed shapes, or run it at reduced power. Decide which looks best on your chosen material.

I’ve been engraving that at about 1 to 1.5" circle but even without the border the text takes over 5 minutes. I’ve tried draft, SD, HD and it doesn’t seem to make a big time difference.

Honestly I would just change the logo used for this purpose into something that will process more quickly. Like “Avery” with a swoosh and call it a day.

Or, write your web site, rendered as a single-line font and scored. That would be really fast. It ain’t pretty, but it is informative and IMHO, that is fine for the back of the piece.

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Not sure if you want to go that route but you cut laser yourself a rubber stamp and stamp all your projects.


That’s an even better idea!

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I wouldn’t worry about the Avery name. Avery Art Designs is not the same as Avery Products. It’s your NAME. They can’t trademark your name. :blush:


“You can’t call the movie Meet the Fockers unless you can prove it’s a real name. “

Goes to Canada; produces the real life Fockers.

“Well fock."

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It would take about 10 minutes to re-work that image to be single-line paths, the resulting score would take about 15-20 seconds at 1" size.

Try a manual setting. The SD settings are trying to use full speed. The HD settings are a slower speed but much higher lines per inch.

Maybe something like 400 speed, 225 lines per inch.

You don’t have to run the job. Just play around with some numbers.

For example, see how much time at 300, then 400, then 500. Then, work on power settings to make it happen.

The problem with higher speeds is that it needs to reach that speed so it overshoots the graphic so it can slow down and also speed back up.

You might also play with the engrave in margins feature.


And a defocus on the score so the lines come out thicker :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, I’m still getting the hang of Ai, but I think I might have got it after some googling. I rasterized the text, image traced it and saved the svg with the text to outlines. I haven’t had a chance to test it out (since the husband is sleeping in the room with the GF) but I will try it tomorrow. I’m hoping this version will give me a score option.Avery_Design_Logo_Reduced

Although, pragmatically-speaking, it’s not always without complication, mostly depending on how obnoxious someone else wants to be about it.

See, for example:

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“Soft” wasn’t part of his name. (Love the domain name, though!) I’m saying that Avery can’t go after someone named Avery for using Avery in their business name. They can’t trademark the name Avery. :slight_smile: