Best glue for Draftboard

What does the CA stand for?

Cyanoacrylate, i.e., Superglue.

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second the vote on Titebond II.

I would also say that you should never let your Titebond glues get near freezing temps.

My father a woodworker had a friend that used TB glue on a huge Bed she did. Delivered it. assembled it on site. later on it completely came unglued LITERALLY, unglued. turned out the glue had hit below freezing temps when it was shipped.

This was a thousands of dollars project, she got a nice new gallon glue for. then had to redo the whole thing. it was pretty ugly for her.


Okay thanks! I’m learning obviously :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn’t Titebond III more tolerant?

Regarding the tb3, honestly Henry i have no idea. I just know that my dad’s friend took a beating having to rebuild what she had already built.

Post-curing. It separates when frozen like TBII. It’s water proof and slow setting. TBII is only water resistant and bit bit faster setting.

The specs say you can’t glue colder than 45F: But assuming it’s cured it should be stable?

yes once it is cured it is fine. My dad’s friend had her shipment get too cold enroute apparently. so she glued up this huge 4 poster bed and then it fell apart when she delivered it.

This is exactly the answer I was hoping to find, since I’m currently sitting in front of my bottle, hoping it’s a good idea. :joy: