Best glue for Draftboard

I did do a forum search but strangely found no relevant hits. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best glue to use on Draftboard? It’s kind of porous so thin CA glues can soak in pretty fast and become ineffective.

My application is a bunch of really thin Draftboard cutouts that I want to glue on a second piece of Draftboard. They are being held in place right now in the cutout waste piece, on top of a piece of masking tape. So I want to apply the glue to all these thin bits then place the backer board on top, without it sticking to the cutout waste.

Any ideas?


I would think that standard yellow wood glue would work well with Draftboard, given that it’s essentially MDF.


I have a thick CA glue by Gorilla, that may work for you. Contact cement would work but initial position has to be perfect.

I’ve been using the slower setting LocTite GO2. It’s got enough gel to it that I can move parts enough to align. It sets up well and holds, but I always use clamps.

I’ve done the regular wood glue to as @jbpa notes and it works just fine.


As long as there is good surface area, thick CA has been working for me.

I’ve been using CA glue. I have enough time to put it down, positions the part and wipe off excess before it sets (usually).
I think wood glue would also work (and probably give you a stronger bond). I haven’t tried it yet with Draftboard.

I’m old school. I’ve been using Elmer’s rubber cement :relaxed:

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Titebond II wood glue has been working well for me…


Yeah, I’ve been using wood glue with clamping too. The CAs I have here are too thin. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help everybody! I ended up gluing it with Gorilla brand wood glue (the yellow stuff). It’s drying now. I’ll eventually show you the project when it’s done.


I love FastCap ca in the gell formula for all of the :proofgrade:

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Anything that needs gluing, I’ve glued with “Tacky Glue”. I don’t know how strong it is for this application, but nothing’s fallen apart yet.

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I’ve been using Bob Smith Industries Insta-cure+ which is gap-filling medium viscosity which works really well.


I used the Ffastcap medium ca for my headphones, worked way better than the locktite brand ca glue I had been using before.

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I need to get a small of all the rest of the formulas. I think the gell will remain my favorite but yeah, different viscosity for different use cases.

This is what I have been using:

It works really well. If the surfaces are pretty clean it will set almost too fast. When I have been too lazy clean, it will even glue charred wood pretty well.

I see you have it resolved, but just to throw in my two cents… I use both a dab of fast setting CA and regular wood glue.

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So far I’ve just used plain old white glue for decorative stuff. It works fine for anything that’s not going to have much force applied. I’d probably use a good wood glue for anything structural.

Does their wood glue expand in the presence of moisture? The original formula foams up in contact with water – blessing or bane, depending on the use case.

The wood glue looks and acts like other wood glues you are used to, not like the foamy Gorilla glue.

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