Best laser cooking video I've seen

A pretty honest review and hilarious to boot. Any one else seen this?


Lol nice. But he didn’t try layering the steak and then finishing it off in the pan!

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Yeah, I’ll bet there is a way to engrave then cook the steak…oh the experiments when the GF comes

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William Osman has a great blog documenting his crazy builds and tests and often features a laser for making the parts.

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The problem is basic cooking failure. He’s using the laser with too much intensity all at once to essentially precision burn the meat. Tested did a great experiment with “can it be too hot” with regards to cooking steak where they tried different searing methods.

The result was that if the heat is too high, it just burns, skipping the tasty maillard reaction goodness stage you actually want.

To properly do this with a laser you would want to go over the steak many times at low power to gradually brown it.


I’m not sure which was worse. Hitting the steak with a laser (fun idea, at least), or microwaving it. Me no fan of microwave. Me like fire. Fire pretty!


Sorry, thinking of steak made my inner caveman come out.


My only question - where do I get the cat shirt?

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Boy… I was speed reading that and missed the “r” at the end. Remembering how bad laser cut food smells, it made sense, except that you wanted some…