Best Method for Gluing Tiny Letters on Wood Sign

I have been searching the internet for advice and my husband said ask your glowforge friends!

I have been busy making wood signs with 3d letters using my glowforge and I am wondering if anyone has tips or tricks on the best way to adhere the letters to the sign. Some of the signs have small letters and I don’t want the glue seeping out underneath.

Would love to hear any products or ideas!

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best way with no leakage would be a spray adhesive .

or tap the letter down on a sponge with glue on it and place it.


This stuff is great. Comes in all kinds of sizes.

It ain’t cheap, though. If I am using it on parts that don’t nest, then to maximize efficiency I will cut strips by hand and apply it. It’s very strong so you probably don’t need complete coverage to make your parts stick, unless the signs are going to be outside.


The 3M sheets are fantastic - I get them from amazon (you get different types with diffeeent glue for different material) I attach it to the rough material and cut - peel and stick - no glue no mess - perfect


Try scoring the letters in your base board. The scores will catch any thin (like CA) glue and keep it from leaking. They also let you line up the letters really well.


I engrave mine, as well; then there’s no room for error :wink:

Aside from engraving where I’m going to place the letters, I also increase the outside size of the path on the engrave so the letters fit a little nicer. The laser tends to fill the engrave with a small amount of residue, so the increase in size helps with that. Then when I do glue the letters in, I leave the masking on, so that if there is any spill over, the masking pulls it up.

I usually engrave the base, then score the base. Makes the edges clean for placement.

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