Best operating system

Can anyone tell me which system is best for using the GF? I run Edge but find a lot of things don’t work well with it. I also have access to Windows 10…thoughts? thanks

I have had success with Chrome and Firefox.


I think Chrome is pretty popular here. :slight_smile:


For a while I think support was recommending chrome but edge is by far the worst. Firefox seems to work fine too.

if you’re using older edge, maybe? but if your windows 10 is up to date, edge is now chromium based and works great. i actually find it works smoother than chrome, which i think has gotten a bit bloated.

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Your operating system (Windows 10, MacOS, or any flavor of Linux) doesn’t matter with regards to operating your GF. Your best bet is to install the latest version of Chrome, as that’s the web browser that the GF develops for. The UI will work in any modern browser, though – Firefox, Safari, Brave, etc. Old Internet Explorer versions (including early versions of Edge) are pretty iffy – I’d avoid them like COVID. As others have said, the latest version of Edge is based on chromium (the open source version of chrome) and should be 100% compatible.


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