Best plan of attack to engrave 60 individually scanned pencil drawings

I have 60 individually scanned pencil drawings from Kindergarten students and we’d like to make them into Christmas ornaments, the drawings are too light to use the trace tool in the GF interface. What would you all suggest as the best work path to darken those line drawings to prep for engraving? I use Corel Draw but if another program would help I’m open

Christmas2020.pdf (3.9 MB)

Here’s an example of one of the scans, ideally I’ll be removing the “ornament” outline (I’ll be replacing it with a proper cut line for the GF interface) just need to figure out how to best prep the center part for engraving (I’ll also be removing the hand writing, and replacing that in program with type lettering)

@gabegat - it looks like your needing some help from the community and not necessarily wanting to open a support ticket with :glowforge: support. Is that correct.

If so we can move your post out to, say the Everything else topic?

The Problems and Support category opens a support request with Glowforge support.

I saw you were trying to convert them to vector… but I don’t think that’s what you want.

You’re just going to engrave the kids drawings, yes? In which case, leaving them as a raster/bitmap graphic is fine.

What you want is a threshold filter. That’s what the GFUI does when you scan something.

Here’s one tool I’ve used:

which with one of your examples made this:

I think if you took that image, erased the outline and the handwritten text, and dropped it on your proper vector cut line, you’d be good to go.


Your best bet would be a flatbed scanner. It’s fast and can save in several different formats. I’m going to move this post over to “Everything else” since this section is for opening a support ticket.


Guess I’m looking for community support, how do I convert this to a different support type

I moved it to “Everything Else” that way you can get support from the community

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It has already moved it for you. Anytime you have a question or problem not related to the hardware or GFUI, just ask on the “Everything Else” page. It will still get read by lots of people, it just doesn’t open a ticket for the support staff.

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oh man this looks like exactly what I’m trying to do! I’ll give that a shot

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