Best Source for Genuine Leather & Waxed Cord

For bracelets, I’m looking for the best source for genuine leather cord and waxed cord considering price, quality and delivery. Anyone have any suggestions other than that leather company?

You can make your own?

I remember a thread about this tool that cuts uniform laces from small pieces of leather but can’t find it. I think @Jules was involved?

Also @morganstanfield I think is pretty deep on leather? Maybe they can help or searching their posts might yield more results?

Yep, I got one of those leather lacing cord strippers, but haven’t tried it yet. (I had already bought some from a couple of different sources so haven’t needed to yet.)

I mostly just bought from Amazon. They’ve got a pretty wide selection.

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If you are willing to make your own, and purchase an entire side of leather, I would recommend Acadia Leather. I follow them on Instagram, and they put up flash sales pretty regularly. I have ordered from them twice now, and they have free shipping, and it is fast. They’re great! The last side I bought was 5.5oz, 20 sq ft and I paid $35 shipped!


Sorry, I just don’t really use lacing, so I’m the wrong person to ask. :confused:

Maverick Leather, amazing veg tan kangaroo spools. Fantastic selection, good folks.

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Thanks everybody! I’m still searching, but these tips helped. I don’t really want to cut my own. I’ll try a few Amazon sources and see what looks like good quality. For bracelets, I’m looking for round and not laces. Here’s an example.