Best Way to Take Video Inside Glowforge

Hello, Does anyone have suggestions on how I could take video of the glowforge in action from the inside or a better way to take videos from the outside. I’m a relatively new GF user and ppl seem to really respond to the videos I post of the projects I’m working on. I want to find a better way to take videos of the progress. Right now I’m just propping my iPhone up above the glass but I’m not getting good video once the laser gets over the project. Any advice would help.


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Well as long as you can be sure the gantry won’t run into your camera you can place it inside the GF on the bed.


I’ve placed my phone inside just fine, but I also picked up one of these:

I haven’t tried recording video, but you can get it tucked into some tiny corners so you can leave your phone someplace safer…

If not, it’s still really useful for cleaning!


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