Best way to test by putting a piece of paper over…

I want place a pice if paper over my more expensive metal project. (I’m using cermark and can’t afford to make a mistake.) I want to “print” my design on paper. Given the thickness of paper, I hope to also check my alignment.

I’m looking for settings that work best with paper, without burning through.

Ideally, if alignment works, I just remove the paper and the metal beneath is already in place for a more powerful setting.

You can test very light settings on your specific paper, to find the setting that’s just right for you. Try several different powers by having different colors in your design and assigning a different power to each color. You’ll be able to find a power setting that will be visible but not penetrate.

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Hah. For some reason my original posts didn’t go through and I had to edit.

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I still won, you can’t take that from me!


The only place we’re supposed to talk about settings is BtM so I’m going to move your post - but to answer your question. To get a light line on masking I use a speed of 500 and a power of 2…copy paper should work similarly.

The real question is… 2 days later… Is how did it turn out? :smiley:

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