Beta day - three (Acrylic Boxes and iPhone Tripod)

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Thank you so much for this Josh.I was under the impression that the GF could take videos with the camera on the lid. Is this the case?

The lid camera can capture video, but right now, it’s not enabled in software.


Hmm, how does the filter handle cat hair I wonder. I have 3. In fact, how easy/hard is it to clean out hair from the bottom of the Forge anyway or is that still classified?

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Photos and video are exactly what I wanted to see. Love the projects and love the documentation. I have a feeling people here aren’t too worried about shaky video and photography done “well,” but the improvements that the stable shot provided by your custom cut holder are still very much appreciated!



I think that may just make the current carry-on regulation size at the airport today. :wink: Hope you had the majority of the weekend away from “work” to play with the beta!. (See about cutting some sort of automatic grass cutter…)

Thanks Dan. I didn’t think I’d dreamt it!

@jkopel I love the work you are doing. And with the restrictions you are under I am glad I chose to NOT do the beta, but i’m even MORE glad we have someone as awesome as you doing it. Keep up the awesome work.

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That box is adorable. I am in love with that box. :kissing_cat:


I’m in love with the tiny box, too! (That’s probably not surprising given my username :wink:) I hope the plans will be available in the catalog.


The .png file that @jkopel posted above is usable by the Glowforge. That should be all you need to cut it (other than some material). So, I guess he may have inadvertently posted the plans already. Not sure if that was your intent @jkopel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I take that back, it looks like there may be some cuts missing to fully assemble it with the hinge and clasp.

Edit2: Now I think I confused myself. There may not be additional cuts, it might just be glued.

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@joe @MiniMouse Those are the complete plans, with a few extra pieces for when you drop them and can’t find them. You are all absolutely welcome to use them, and I will even post the SVG to make it easier.
It is all glued together, and you will need a little piece of wire for the hinge pin that is slightly thicker then a paper clip, although one of those super sized paper clips might work well.

EDIT: the SVG upload does not embed a preview, maybe this link will work


@jkopel yes the link works.

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Thank you! I make 1/12th scale dollhouse miniatures (and occasionally 1/144th scale which is dollhouse for a dollhouse) so working with tiny fiddly bits is the norm for me. :relaxed:

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Thank you, Joe. I hadn’t realized the file was download-able. I’m still learning the forum here.

(Off topic: Not sure what the “Reply as linked Topic” thingy is all about?? Maybe I should’ve used that for this post??)

Ignore the reply as a linked topic most of the time as long as your reply is germaine to the main topic or a clear reply to a post above to further conversation. You can make your reply fork into a totally new topic if you would really like to showcase some of your doll houses and miniatures and get a discussion going on them.


Thank you, @marmak3261. I wouldn’t create a promotional thread for my miniatures, but at some point after receiving my Forge, I may have a technical question as it relates to software, hardware, or materials (e.g. the best way to produce a desired result) that someone in the community might be able to help with.


It need not be promotional, we just love to see what other glowsmiths create!
If you want to see the company you are keeping take a look here:


Seeing if we can do something about that…

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