Beta day - three (Acrylic Boxes and iPhone Tripod)

I set the previous project aside for a while and decided to spend some time working with acrylic.
The first thing I made was a one inch cube box with a hinge and a clasp.

The first prototype just had the hinge, and was made in a very attractive blue plastic that is almost impossible to photograph well (at least with my primitive gear).

This was pretty successful, although I forgot to make the top shorter than the bottom.

I then made a second version in a cool looking matte finish clear acrylic. This one had the clasp as well.
Here is a short shaky poorly shot video of the cutting action.

Assembly was a challenge since the pieces are tiny.

The hinge in particular was tough to get glued on and lined up. I have some ideas for making this easier next time (if there is a next time). The end result is great though, the only tools I used were the Glowforge, a little bit of sandpaper, blue tape to hold it together, magnets inside to hold it down while gluing, a squeeze clamp, and some glue. It snaps shut with a satisfying click.

And here is is in action, with a lot less shake.

The second project was a way to hold my iphone while shooting so I can get less shaky pictures and video. :slight_smile: I used it on the second video, and it works well. I hope to be able to get some less shaky action shots now.

Then since it was sunny out (!) I had to stop playing with my new toys and cut the lawn.


Thanks for all your work on testing and posting. Hope you are having a little fun and not stressing too much regarding what can be shown and discussed. YOU are making this really real for a lot of us.



Thanks for the kind words.
Not to worry, I am have LOTS of fun!
Every other project I have is on hold, and I have many other projects…


Those are fantastic. Well done.

Just out of curiosity, what program are you using to model your projects?

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Thanks so much for your contributions. It was fun seeing the videos.


Nicely done! Thank you.

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Thank you so much for this Josh.
I was under the impression that the GF could take videos with the camera on the lid. Is this the case?

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Oh, very nice! The Glowforge cutting is poetry in motion, and I like the artistic effect of the cat hair on the table.

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Nice to see and hear the glowforge unedited. Much quieter than I expected and cuts way faster too. Thanks again and GREAT work!!!


Very Cool! Thanks for sharing—seeing what you’re creating (and that you’re not just doodling pictures or logos onto a piece of acrylic) is actually causing me to think very differently about what I could do with a Glowforge. Keep up the good work!


These two things were made using one of the online box maker tools and then heavily modified in Illustrator. My current favorite modeling tool is OnShape, but I just downloaded OpenSCAD again after giving up on it a year ago or so.

In the end everything seems to end up in Illustrator, probably since I am so comfortable working with it.

@cynd11 the cat jumped up and arranged that there for you. :smirk: Actually I have found cat hair to be one of my biggest hassles working with acrylic. The static electricity generated by pulling off the tape, or wiping it down attracts every hair within range. And laser cut cat hair… you will just have to imagine the odor.


Oh no, I’ve got 2 Golden Retrievers and the fur is always flying here. I don’t suppose laser cut dog hair will be any better. I can only imagine what laser cut wet dog hair would smell like!:dizzy_face:

I am not, and have never been, a 2D guy. So although I appreciate a good doodle that is not where my mind goes.


Great demo Josh!
Very productive day. Cool phone cradle!
Not sure who or where to pose the question to, so ill just throw it out here - but the power setting and speed would help put the performance in the video into better perspective. That is a basic 'forge right?

Thank you for that post man! Well Done.


Thank you soooo much for this!! FIRST PUBLIC BETA VIDEO!!! I’m quite excited about this! I love how small the box is!

Would love to see a photo of your phone in the holder!


Thank you !!!


So great to see this. Thank you.


Houston, we have ignition! Thanks for posting. At first I read “ice cube box” and thought that was wild. So gratifying to see the precision and geometry.


Uh-oh, I’m in trouble. We have four of them. :cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:

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Hmmmm… :thinking: