Beta issue

I used Passthrough Beta yesterday – no issues.

Today I wanted to print another protype. Totally new file never been printed before but it said "Print unsuccessful If the most recent print finished, choose “align manually” to drag and drop the design in place. “cancel print” will stop the pro passthrough print.

I tried cancel – but every time i print it goes to this message.
Align manually – causes a error message “we are sorry an unexpected error has occured”

I then thought Id try to print something else … but the same thing happens even when the passthrough Beta is not activated!

There was another case of this in Problems and Support.

Technically, support can’t help with the beta, and you should post in the beta discussion thread, but if it renders the machine unusable, support can probably help.

In the other case, they recommended a factory reset, but that is to be used as a last resort only, as it wipes all logs from the machine. I would also suspect it can cause the machine to become completely unusable if it doesn’t complete successfully, as they state it should never be done unless support recommends it.

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