Beta Project 10_JM - Love Me Knot Coasters (Glowforge Design Catalog)


Well jury is no longer out … I personally love the concept of the design catalog! I was looking for a quick project and was able to purchase this design from the catalog add some ‘sappy’ customizing and hit print!

So here you go … Love Me Knot Coasters with an Expanding Holder Customized with a super sappy C+J :slight_smile:

Chose to print in Maple and Cherry plywood so the outer ring would be darker

The hardest part of the whole project was cleaning up the after math of my over zealous gluing!

This would make a fun little house warming gift or wedding present topper and have a feeling I’ll be making a few more sets of these!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017

Sappy is good!! Beautiful choice wood…nice contrast😃


Oh, I love those! (Cool design…I love the natural look.) :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:


Very cool!

In this post you managed to confirm already being able to buy designs! And being able to customize said designs! Are you able to give specifics on how customizations work? Are you downloading an editable file and changing the letters?


Isn’t life more fun with a few surprises :slight_smile: I suppose not always! But the Glowforge brains will be much better at answering this at some point than I would be!


So I take it the design catalog is going live?


Apparently just for beta, unless I missed something it is not available for prerelease users. :frowning2:


No, beta customers (as distinct from prerelease customers) have a nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from answering questions. It’s so early that it’s not ready for non-NDA use and feedback yet.


What’s knot to love?! :wink:

I really dig the custom coaster caddy. It ensures the coasters are always at their proper orientation so the finished product always looks great.


I’ve had to look all over to see if I was missing something. Curious about what’s in the catalog. Always interesting the Glowforge saga.