Beta Project: 3D Depth Engrave Initial Tests

Please remember that asking for source designs is against the community guidelines. [quote=“Jules, post:12, topic:4014, full:true”]
@RyanMilles, is that running two different engraving depths simultaneously in a single pass on the video?

…and that beta users have been asked not to answer questions, but just focus on doing & sharing cool stuff. (To answer the question, though, yes - you can do many different depths in a single pass)

The biggest one (not a ‘bug’ but an improvement we have scheduled) is, in fact, less pixelation, even at lower resolutions.

I believe those are all Proofgrade hardwood - maple and walnut.

@RyanMilles and other beta users (unlike prerelease users) aren’t able to answer questions here, I’m afraid. If you look at how much time poor @marmak3261 spends on Q&A with you all, you’ll know why we have that restriction in place. :slight_smile:


Sorry…got excited and forgot. :heart_eyes:


Wowzers! I (of course) love the small size! Just perfect for a dollhouse!

I also love that the background in #1 looks like burlap. Really adds to the beauty of the piece. :two_hearts:


I am getting mixed up on who can answer questions and who can’t. Sorry I didn’t mean to be out of line. :sweat:


I can. But the queue is long and I may not be able to answer everything. Perhaps some love given to the hardware underneath that case. It’s so simple really. With the new GoPro I should be able to post much clearer video.


Oops. Sorry.


Bookmarked for later!!!


I don’t know whether I should be more impressed with Google’s image search, the quality of the Glowforge engraving, or both.

I’m tending towards both.


Hey @dan technical question: for 3D engravings will we be able to use 16-Bit or even better 32-Bit Floating Point grayscale images to get better quality engravings??

Um, why is asking for links to the files against the guidelines @dan? The guidelines state you can link to them so we can show their original context. And It says the they were just gotten off a site, so why can’t a link to them get posted?

Anyone who makes a design can link it if they choose… you asking them to link it or provide it is not ok (might put someone on the spot and feeling weird about sharing their IP). I realize that your question is referring to a public domain file, but as @jbv found, it was pretty easy to find on Google.


That is a weird rule. On the various forums for my 3D printers, CNC, etc, I have never seen anyone force anyone to share. Some people share everything on request, some people politely decline, some people share things without being asked and some people share some things but not others. I mean it’s a little weird to prohibit friendly questions… gives communication a weird vibe to have all these things you can’t ask (and not like GF needs help in weird/off communication at this point). And especially in this case where the post explicitly is about non-personal source material.


Well, it isn’t a “rule” per-say… but a guideline. From the guidelines:

I recognize the particular instance wasn’t dealing with a forum member’s personal work. But between not asking people to share their work, and not requesting things from the beta users specifically, I think it fits the category. Regardless, easy find via Google.


That looks really cool I can’t wait till i can try something like that!

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To be honest I quite like that as a suggested guideline; one thing I didn’t like about a lot of the laser communities is that the second someone posts something interesting, you get 2 dozen people begging for the file.


To be clear, I would not have posted the search and link if it had not been for the phrase:

and to answer my unspoken question of whether the engraving was close enough for image search to identify it.

I think a lot of folks are still unaware of image search and how powerful it is.


I didn’t even realize reverse image search would work with this.

It’s actually kind of funny because I did see the image you posted in my searches, but I did not recognize it at all.


Wow–these are absolutely amazing!!!


This is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Some of the details that the GF is able to etch is just amazing. I love how it picked up the waves of the background. I’m now looking through my photo library thinking about which photos would work well etching. :smile: @RyanMilles - Thanks for sharing.


We’ll put that in the hopper!

It sounds like the guidelines were unclear - I apologize. I’ve updated it to say:

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork.

I’ve found this to be true as well; it degrades the quality of conversation and makes people reluctant to post their work.