Beta Project: An accuracy challenge



My daughter broke her ruler at school and it needed to be replaced. I saw it as a unique challenge so I made this. Getting it right in Inkscape was tricky but ultimately it came out wonderful. I am going to work on a leather case for it next. I tried it once but didn’t leave enough margin on the edges to sew it together properly.


cool! What are the symbols? They look familiar, but… I can’t place them.


They’re the symbols of the horoscope. Shiva’s a big fan of a comic called Homestuck where some of her favorite characters wear them on their shirts.


Very nice! The accuracy of the laser makes it very versatile.
Thanks for sharing your work!


Neat! :relaxed:


This is great… the only thing is if I need to draw something with 20" I just need to add to my Pisces a Scorpio? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Nicely done! Being able to customize & personalize items such as this, is the main reason to have a toy, er, tool like this. :relaxed:


So now do you have to make a new one?



I really should make her a 13" ruler :slight_smile:

Fun fact, my birthday falls in Ophiuchus. :slight_smile:


very nice

Have you taken a caliper to it to check it?


Caliper, no, I just held it up to another straight edge ruler. It matched up perfectly.


The idea of personalizing school supplies for your kid is really fun. Plus it helps keep honest classmates honest if they can’t hide what they have. :wink:


I have lived in metrics for too long… is an inch normally split into 16ths?

Anyway… I just carved a few of my own meter sticks, and sadly found slippage in my belts. Seeing your marks all very evenly spaced and nice and straight is very gratifying to see (Though I am curious to see if that holds true when you rotate the ruler to 45 degrees or so for engraving)


Yup. Most rulers / tape measures go down to sixteenths of an inch on the non metric side.


Yes, due to a genetic abnormality, most Brits/Americans are born with 16 fingers. Little known fact.


I must have been adopted from space aliens, because I have to do base-20 (but then again I try to stay barefoot at all times).


With a glowforge it should go to 32nds.


Actually it’s from counting fingers & toes and saving the thumbs and big toes for unit placeholders. Makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

Or it could be that it’s easy to divide things into halves (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16) but no so easy to divide things (physically) into fifths, tenths, etc.


My brother actually was born with 6 fingers on each hand and my sister with 6 toes on each foot. (Both removed shortly after birth.)


Interesting genetic marker, and you managed to escape?