Beta Project: Another Succesful Engrave!

Ryan, seeing a lot of jaggies (stair-stepping, artifacting, whatever you want to call it) in this versus your earlier posts. Is that a low-res forge, or a low-res image, or other?


Oh… On YOUR work, I’ll say it’s stunning as always!

@thomas.alessi.jr I believe that’s a 225 lpi engraving - you can opt for up to 1355, if you don’t mind the extra wait for the print to finish.


That’s what I figured but I wanted to be sure. Is resolution:time linear? Is 675’s time 3x 225’s time?

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If someone chooses a higher lpi (675 or 1355), does the cooling system kick in and stop a project once the load level has been crossed, stopping the job?

Will it start up again automatically or be allowed to resume once the cooling system lowers the tube temperature to a proper operating level?



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go to Craft Supplies for one potential source.

you can try InLace a product that is basically a colored epoxy type thing. I’ve never used.

or this from the same company


Thanks! I especially like the look of InLace.